Product Restoration

Due to the delicate nature of your designs, often times beads seem to be dirty or the gloss seems to be dull.  This could be due to natural body oils, lotions or just normal wear and tear.

We, at Wright Keepsakes and Jewelry, fully understand these things happen.   To us, it only confirms that you are happy with your unique pieces and you are using them!!!  That is a testament to us as to how satisfied you are with our designs and that you have made such good use of them because they are so meaningful and personal to you!

If at any time during the first year of you receiving one of our designs, you notice it fading, dulling, etc, we will gladly restore your piece for a $10. fee.   Simply call or email us with your concern and we are more than happy to restore it for you.

After one year we will restore it for 50% of the cost.

Customer satisfaction is always our command!

We are not responsible for loss or damage to a design due to misuse.

We strive for you to be happy with your memorable pieces and proud to adorn them because it tells your personal story!  They should always be in perfect condition, as it represents not only that story but also our genuine care for the meaning behind them and the integrity of our craftsmanship.

Wright Keepsakes and Jewelry thanks you for your business and wishes you wear or use your distinctive designs in great health and fond memories!!!

Remember The “Wright” Way….

where every design has its own story!