About Us

About Us

Wright Keepsakes and Jewelry prides our designs and compassionate customer service out of the love that began this venture at its conception years ago.  

Harold E Wright Jr.It was the painful passing of owner Diane Wright’s father, Harold E. Wright Jr., that this business was founded.  Diane wanted a way to honor her father and the influence he had on not only her life but on the lives of so many people through the years.  Diane is an autodidact and began designing unique pieces using all types of flowers from her father’s funeral. She designed several handmade pieces for family and friends so they too could have a special memorial of the love and influence he had on them too!

It was then that the word got out and her unique gift turned into a business.

Our studio has grown from a cluttered basement to a design studio which maintains fully-stocked inventory, and staff that is nimble enough to handle anything from intricately-designed pieces through quick-turn requests.

We keep a very close eye on industry trends and attend classes, to ensure our business stays lock-step with the potential needs of funeral service companies, wedding planners and our individual clients.

Every design has it's own story | Wright Keepsakes and JewelryFrom this effort, our designs are now worn by clients across the country and internationally.  The relationships we’ve forged, combined with valuable word-of-mouth referrals, has helped us grow what was once a hobby, into a passionate thriving operation focused on quality craftsmanship, exceptional customer service and true pieces of art.

There’s no doubt that Wright Keepsakes and Jewelry is a passion remaining true to our roots, however, we would like to think our success comes from a collective interest in our hard work, as well as the appreciation from our clients when they receive a finished design with such powerful meaning.

The feedback we consistently receive serves as a testament as to why Wright Keepsakes and Jewelry has evolved over the years, and likely why our team is excited to arrive at work each and every day! 

Keepsakes make great graduation presents | Wright Keepsakes and Jewelry

It is with honor and excitement that we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you, as we offer something incredibly special to our individual clients, funeral service packages and wedding planner packages.

From our family to yours…..we hope all of our designs are adorned with great health and fond memories.

Remember The “Wright” Way… Where every design has its own story!