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How can I check the status of my order?

Send an email request to

Call (508) 397-5531

Flower-Petal Jewelry and Keepsakes

Can any flowers be used?

Yes, any flower, any color. Even used baby's breath, ferns, leaves, and feathers. Handmade keepsakes and jewelry can also be made from funeral remains, a lock of hair or even a piece of fur from a pet.

How do I get the flowers to you?

Simply wrap the fresh or dried flowers in any type of paper. Paper towel, paper bag, etc.
DO NOT wrap in any type of plastic wrap or plastic baggy as this will cause flowers to get moldy. 

Mail the flowers in an envelope or box to...
Wright Keepsakes and Jewelry
135 Sherburne Road, Pelham, NH 03076

Do the flowers have to be dried?

No, you can send dried or fresh flowers. DO NOT wrap or mail in any type of plastic (not even bubble wrap envelopes, as this may cause molding) The flowers will be thoroughly dried before your designed keepsake is made.

How many flowers do you need?

Depending on what you want to be made will depend on how many flowers to provide. For some pieces, just one flower is needed. Larger projects or multiple orders may require more than one flower. The number of flowers needed may vary.

Should I remove the stems before sending the flowers?

Yes, you can. They are not needed to make your piece. If you are having the piece designed from leaves, you can take the leaves off the stem and send just those.

What color will the finished item be?

The item you order will be the color of the flowers you send. Some customers prefer another color or multiple colors. Colorant can be added to make a specific/multiple colors you would in the piece you want. Your wishes are our design!

What if I don't have any flowers but want something made up?

If you don't have flowers, we can provide them.

What if the flowers I have are so old and dried they lost have their color?

Yes, they can still be used. You can advise what color/colors you would like your piece to be and a colorant can be added.

Cremation Remains Jewelry and Keepsakes

How do I get the cremation remains to you?

Simply seal the remains in a ziplock bag and double seal in a second bag. They can be shipped in a bubble wrapped envelope directly to Wright Keepsakes and Jewelry. For funeral homes ordering for a family, baggies and locking plastic bottles will be provided.

How much cremation remains are needed?

For most keepsakes, only a teaspoon is needed. Necklaces and rosaries would require a tablespoon.

Return Check Fee

There is a $35.00 returned check fee