Birthdays are always special, especially those “milestones”…Quinceanera, Sweet Sixteen or a turn of a decade!

You can have flowers from a memorable lifetime event such as a wedding, birth, funeral, etc and make a beautiful keepsake or jewelry to give as a special birthday gift!

We all have someone in our life that seems to have “everything”… when it comes to that milestone birthday you want to buy them something special!  Let Wright Keepsakes and Jewelry design a unique gift from flowers or cremation remains. Perhaps flowers that they saved from a memorable lifetime event can be turned into a piece of jewelry or a keepsake item.

Cuff Links for a Young Man's Bar Mitzvah

A set of cuff links for the young man celebrating his Bar Mitzvah. Shop Now


Earrings for the Young Lady

Earrings to be worn on the day of a Quinceanera or Bat Mitzvah. Shop Now

Ornaments to Celebrate Baby’s First Birthday

You can make an ornament for them representing this first birthday milestone! Save the flowers from their birth and have one made for them to pass down as a beautiful family heirloom through generations to come! Shop Now